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Aurra - Body Rock (CD)

2015 archive release containing the second half of previously unreleased Aurra recordings produced by Slave-founding member Steve Washington. The album was recorded in 1983/84 just after the Salsoul years with his wife Sheila who had just finished writing and touring with The Brides Of Funkenstein. Plans were made for its release on Quincy Jones' newly formed Qwest Records, but legal troubles complicated its release. No one was quite sure what happened to the master tapes, not even Steve himself. Body Rock represents the final chapter in the Aurra catalog. This is electronic funk and R&B at its finest, recorded during a pivotal year in modern funk music. Post-disco, right at the beginning of hip-hop's finest hour when boogie and electro music was making the scene in New York. Making this an important milestone in music and documenting the inception of the drum machine. The grooves smoke, as Washington delivers the Dayton Funk style. Mean and lean basslines, irresistible hooks and towering vocal riffs with crisp, tight dance rhythms.