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Aubrie Sellers - New City Blues [2LP] (Vinyl)

From the cutlery in the blender indictment of surface beauty ''Paper Doll'' to the Lone Star drive of ''Just To Be With You'' and the tumbledown melody of ''Sit Here and Cry,'' this is a high energy box cutter of emotion: 14 songs marked by the bite and punch of smart girls who know there's more to life than a cold beer and cut-offs. ''I tell people there's not a lot of happy songs,'' the Texas/Nashville hybrid cautions. ''But they're not unhappy songs, either. It's life... the way it is, and what's wrong with that?'' There's a definite viscerality to New City Blues. From the yearning title track to the slow-building ''Loveless Rolling Stone,'' the sense of displacement marking so many young people uncertain about the future tempers the pools of guitar lines, the way her voice has just the slightest ache when she finds a note's center. ''

Side A:
01 Light of Day
02 Sit Here and Cry
03 Paper Doll
04 Losing Ground
05 Magazines
Side B:
01 Dreaming in the Day
02 Liar Liar
03 Humming Song
04 Just to Be with You
Side C:
01 People Talking
02 Something Special
03 Loveless Rolling Stone
04 Like the Rain
05 Living Is Killing Me
Side D:
01 In My Room (Live Studio Version) [Bonus Track]
02 Living Is Killing Me (Live Studio Version) [Bonus Track]
03 People Talking (Live Studio Version) [Bonus Track]
04 The Way I Feel Inside (Live Studio Version) [Bonus Track]