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Atmosphere - Frida Kahlo vs. Ezra Pound [7x7'' Box] (, each 7'' has a unique illustrated jacket) (Vinyl)

In September 2015, Atmosphere began releasing a series of individual songs digitally. In the months leading up to their new album, Fishing Blues, they released a total of seven digital singles. Much to the surprise of Atmosphere fans, none of these digital singles would appear on Fishing Blues, and they remained available as digital singles only... Until now.

These seven songs, now packaged together as Frida Kahlo vs. Ezra Pound, will be available for the first time as a 7'' boxset. All songs are produced by Atmosphere featuring guest appearances by Aesop Rock, Grieves, Prof, Blueprint, deM atlaS and Eric Mayson.

All seven songs, plus their accompanying instrumental versions, each individually complemented by the beautiful artwork of Dave Quiggle; this is a must-have for all fans of Atmosphere.

D1:SA: Finer Things feat. deM atlaS
D1:SB: Finer Things (Instrumental)
D2:SA: This Lonely Rose feat. Blueprint & Aesop Rock
D2:SB: This Lonely Rose (Instrumental)
D3:SA: My Best Half
D3:SB: My Best Half (Insturmental)
D4:SA: Salma Hayek
D4:SB: Salma Hayek (Instrumental)
D5:SA: Trying To Fly feat. Eric Mayson
D5:SB: Trying To Fly (Instrumental)
D6:SA: Fireflies feat. Grieves
D6:SB: Fireflies (Instrumental)
D7:SA: Windows feat. Prof
D7:SB: Windows (Instrumental)