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Astronautica - Death Valley (CD)

2018 release. Astronautica is back with Death Valley. This is the singer-songwriter's much anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed album, Gemini, and the recent Gemini Remixes EP. Written and recorded over the last three years, Astronautica captured Death Valley at her home studio in Los Angeles. This was completed around her Ace Hotel residency, festival dates through the States, a minitour up the West Coast, and a month-long stint with Low End Theory. Like her past works, the new record captures the eclectic nature of LA's experimental electronic scene and the connections tethered into various cultures around the globe. Primary instrumentation utilized across Death Valley consists of guitar, Push, Launchkey, and Ultra Nova, with a template drawn from radiant harmonies, experimental overtones, Latin rhythms, and dance floor grooves. Astronautica's vocals trace through the music with an airy veil, spinning out ghost like tones that shimmer through the music with an elusiveness. The feeling of adventure and mysticism is rooted into Death Valley that's unlike anything she's created before.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Sunrise Intro
  2. Reasons
  3. Racetracks
  4. I've Never Been
  5. Sand + Fog
  6. Can't Remember
  7. Twilight Interlude
  8. California Roll
  9. Mahogany
  10. You Should
  11. Palms
  12. Sunset Outro