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Ashley Hutchings - By Gloucester Docks I Sat And Wept: A Love Story [LP] (180 Gram, remastered, first time on vinyl, gatefold, import)

Released for the first time on 180 grm Vinyl with Gatefold Sleeve

Originally released in 1987 on the Paradise and Thorns label and unavailable for many years we are pleased to see Ashley's masterpiece made available once more.

This album has been classed as Mr Hutchings Masterpiece by many and with this 2013 remastered and repackaged

When I first heard this wonderful piece, I knew I was hearing something that was not just heartfelt and personal, but beautiful, original, and fresh. 26 years on, I have still heard nothing remotely like it.
Simon Nicol - Fairport Convention

1 Prologue - I Dreamed A Dream (Died For Love)
2 Ring On Her Finger
3 Dancing Under The Rose - Again
4 What! Must I Now Make An Enemy / Under The Rose
5 Keep You Warm
6 Ten Reasons Why They Should Be Together
7 At The Women's Institute Dance / Flower Arranging
8 We Walked In God's Country
9 A Letter / Small Town Romance

1 Don't Look Back
2 In The Cafe
3 Brief Encounters
4 Westonbirt Sonnet / T Stands For Thomas
5 My Dearest / To Ireland I Made My Way
6 Lies
7 My Dear Friend / Dives And Lazarus - The Blacksmith
8 I Don't Go Dancing Any More
9 Love, Stuff And Nonsense
10 Epilogue- Died For Love