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Armagedda - Only True Believers [LP] (Vinyl)

On the 16th anniversary of it's original release, Armagedda is proud to present a proper reissue of their pivotal second album, Only True Believers. Pillars of the early 2000s black metal underground, Sweden's Armagedda exuded an authentically ancient air despite their youthful years. The black metal underground back then was a purer, more traditionalist iteration of what it is today, and within that staunchly ideological landscape did Armagedda prove their fiery intent with their 2001 debut album, The Final War Approaching, and more so with it's follow-up in 2003, Only True Believers - the title itself a statement of intent, naturally. Alas, as many passionate young men are won't to do, the duo of A. and Graav became restless with the shackles of supposedly ''true'' black metal and began plotting their next move, one that would drive deeper into the true heart of ''black metal'' whilst exhibiting the unorthodoxy of approach that once endeared the genre to sonic revolutionaries. And while
1. Refuse The Blood of Jesus 2. Only True Believers 3. Emperor From The Eternal Dark 4. For I Am His Slave 5. Poetry From A Poisoned Mind 6. Demons 7. F.T.W 8. Endless Fields of Sorrow 9. Ghostwood