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Apathy - Connecticut Casual [2LP] (Vinyl)

Veteran Demigodz frontman and Army of the Pharaohs core member, Apathy, releases his 4th official full length solo
effort. ''Connecticut Casual'' is an album that reveals a hidden side of New England, unfamiliar to most. From the
opulent lifestyle of the Kennedy family, to the economically destitute neighborhoods of Connecticut, Rhode Island
and Massachusetts. Mansions and projects. Tennis courts and bodegas. Summers spent on the shores of the
Atlantic. Mysterious meetings in Masonic lodges. Homicides that go unsolved due to inadequate law enforcement
budgets in poor areas, to literally getting away with murder by being well connected to East Coast royalty.
The album is full of conceptual songs that range from underwater nautical tales, Freemasonry, Jack Ruby
conspiracies and ''Beefin' Over Bitches''. Songs like ''Curse Of The Kennedys'' & ''Martha Moxley'' analytically
highlight the darker side of America's royal family. ''The Grass Ain't Greener'' & ''Money Makes The World Go
Round'', address the battle for our souls, against the almighty dollar bill.
Production is handled mostly by
Apathy with the addition of
Da Beatminerz, The Doppelgangaz,
Teddy Roxpin & Smoke The World.
Original cover art by Chris B.
1. Connecticut Casual
2. Back In New England (feat. Chris Webby)
3. Don't Give Up The Ship (feat. Kappa Gamma)
4. Locals Only! (feat. ANoyd)
5. The Curse Of The Kennedy's
6. Martha Moxley (Rest In Peace)
7. Jack Ruby (feat. Kappa Gamma)
8. The Grass Ain't Greener
9. Money Makes The World Go Round
(feat. Hayze & Kappa Gamma)
10. Underground Chick
11. Beefin' Over Bitches (feat. Kappa Gamma)
12. The Grand Leveler