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Anne Muller - Heliopause [LP] (Vinyl)

Berlin based cellist and composer Anne Muller, announces the release of her long awaited debut solo album Heliopause, out on November 22 with Erased Tapes. Heliopause follows several Erased Tapes releases featuring Muller, including her celebrated collaboration with Nils Frahm 7Fingers, and feature credits on Lubomyr Melnyk's Fallen Trees, Ben Lukas Boysen's Spells, Nils Frahm's All Melody, as well as Erased Tapes' 5th and 10th anniversary box sets.

A solo record in every sense of the word, Muller wrote, recorded, arranged and produced Heliopause. Title track and album is named after the boundary where the sun's wind ceases to have influence. It is ultimately, the border of our solar system. The name struck a chord with Muller since the two voyagers sent on an exploratory mission 42 years ago, just crossed the Heliopause this year and entered into the next solar system losing power from our own sun. 

Boldly opening the album is the striking Being Anne, which sees Muller embrace her new found freedom with the most experimental piece on the record, placing the cello in a completely new context. Playing a broken down old piano with a plectrum for the melody and scratching parts of the key mechanism to produce a rhythm, the once lost instrument is given a new lease of life among looped cello drones and drums. The atmospheric swells of noise on Being Anne are juxtaposed beautifully with the most
1 .Being Anne
2. Solo? Repeat!
3. Nummer 2
4. Aarhus / Reminiscences
5. Drifting Circles
6. Heliopause