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Amelie Duchow - Tonstich [LP] (Vinyl)

Tonstich is a project based on the creation of a sonorous dress; an audio/video project which explores through sound and images the creative/industrial process of an imaginary dress. In Tonstich, basic sound parameters -- attack, decay, sustain, release -- are directly related to the dress construction parameters X and Y (length and width). The characteristics of the shape, fit and look of this imaginary dress are determined by the audio composition, following the strict manufacturing schedule of each production unit, the dress is initially modelled by the industrial production process yet continuously modified by the listener's individual sonorous experience The audio material used for the composition of Tonstich is based on the authentic sound recorded in industrial manufacturing facilities of garments and textiles. Single noise patterns from the Bartack machine mixed with the humming of the two needle machine weave in combination with electronic structures a fit sound fabric. Tonstich develops in eight tracks, which correspond to each construction and manufacturing step leading to the unusual dress proposed by Amelie Duchow.
A1. TU 74 cm (3:42)
A2. 480 Anschlage (4:49)
A3. 130° (6:21)
A4. F=20n / 8t (5:42)
B1. Resonanznaht (5:49)
B2. Klangfarbe (4:50)
B3. Stichdecay (4:57)
B4. Outroform (7:05)