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Amber Rubarth - Sessions From The 17th Ward [LP] (Vinyl)

One of Chesky Records' most popular titles of this millenium Sessions from the 17th Ward served as the introduction to many for Folk Singer-Songwriter and Actress Amber Rubarth. Her songs ''Full Moon in Paris'' and ''Novocaine'' became instant audiophile classics. We're excited to announce the release of this classic album on magnificent 180 gram audiophile colored vinyl.
The catchy upbeat ''Full Moon In Paris'' proves Amber Rubarth's crossover appeal showing off her talents as a songwriter during the infectious chorus and in a bridge that brings the song full circle. ''Don't You'' merges the four musical talents perfectly showcasing each artist's talent in a moment of pure bliss. Sessions from the 17th Ward will make you fall in love with Rubarth's genuine unique voice and musical style.
The Chesky Records Binaural+ recording technique fit for both speakers and headphones captures the timeless sound of musicians playing in great acoustic settings. Singer-Songwriter Amber Rubarth Cellis