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Alcest - Spiritual Instinct [LP] (Mint Green Colored Vinyl, limited to 1700)

For principal songwriter and frontman Neige, ALCEST has always been a gateway to the otherworldly, a means of exploring his spirituality. An elemental two-piece, completed by long-serving drummer and creative confidante Winterhalter, their forthcoming sixth album ''Spiritual Instinct'' finds Neige at his most personal. ''This time I had something urgent to put on the table,'' he explains. ''It is a very cathartic record - something needed to get out of me. It's darker than usual, and heavier.'' Written in bursts both during and after a prolonged period of touring in support of 2016's hugely successful ''Kodama'', the sense of urgency Neige speaks of manifests in a record full of spontaneity, of immediate impact - be that in the breath-taking pace of the tempo changes in 'Les Jardin De Minuit'' or the sun-kissed harmonies over an impermeable back beat in 'Sapphire', one thing ''Spiritual Instinct'' has is riffs, an acknowledgement and celebration of the black metal foundations that anchor their uplifting post-metal. ''Some real metal riffs!'' agrees Neige. ''I come from the metal scene originally and it never really left me; I used black metal as a teen as a way to escape from reality and that's what I love the most about it. It's the best type of music to express overwhelmingly darker feelings. I usually don't speak about my darkness in ALCEST's music but this time it felt like something I had to do.''


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Les jardins de minuit
02 Protection
03 Sapphire

01 L'Ile des Morts
02 Le Miroir
03 Spiritual Instinct