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Afrika Bambaataa - Bring It Up [12''] (Vinyl)

Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of breakbeat DJing and is respectfully known as ''The Godfather of Zulu Nation'' and ''Amen Ra of Hip Hop Culture''. Afrika Bambaataa's long career is pointed by many hits and masterpieces such as ''Reckless'', ''Unity'', ''Just Get Up and Dance'', and ''Pupunanny''. This release includes three versions in big room/EDM style along with a mega-mix and a full acapella collection of all previous recordings released by Bambaataa on DFC label. Produced by DJ/producer Paul Carpenter. -
A1. Bring It Up (Original Mix) (4:17)
A2. Bring It Up (Up Mix) (3:15)
A3. Bring It Up (Down Mix) (4:06)
A4. Bring It Up (Acapella) (2:18)
B1. Just Get Up And Dance (Acapella) (6:32)
B2. Pupunanny (Acapella) (1:09)
B3. Mind Control (Acapella) (1:00)
B4. Funky Heroes (Funkapella) (2:36)
B5. Happy (Acapella) (5:16)
B6. Bell-E 2 Bell-E (Acapella) (1:31)
B7. You Ask For The Moon (Acapella) (3:33)
B8. Move Ya Body (Acapella) (2:31)