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a-ha - MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice [3LP] (first time on vinyl)

As part of the MTV Unplugged shows, a-ha performed 17 of their songs with completely new arrangements as well as two new premieres and two cover versions. A-ha and their backing band played exclusively on vintage acoustic instruments. Now available for the first time on vinyl.

Disc 1
1. This Is Our Home (Side A), 2. Lifelines (Side A), 3. I've Been Losing You ft. Lissie (Side A), 4. Analogue (All I want) (Side A), 5. The Sun Always Shines On TV ft. Ingrid Helene Havik (Side B), 6. A Break In The Clouds (Side B), 7. Foot Of The Mountain (Side B),
Disc 2
1. Stay On These Roads (Side A), 2. This Alone Is Love (Side A), 3. Over The Treetops (Side A), 4. Forver Not Yours (Side A), 5. Sox Of The Fox, 6. Scoundrel Days ft. Ian McCulloch (Side B), 7. The Killing Moon ft. Ian McCulloch (Side B)
Disc 3
1. Summer Moved On ft Alison Moyet (Side A), 2. Memorial Beach (Side A), 3. Living A Boy's Adventure Tale (Side A), 4. Manhattan Skyline (Side A), 5. The Living Daylights (Side B), 6. Hungting High And Low (Side B), 7. Take On Me (Side B)