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999 - The Biggest Prize In Sport [LP] (Opaque Green 150 Gram Vinyl, limited to 500 foil-numbered)

999, named for the British emergency phone number, was among the first wave of punk bands to emerge in 1977 from England's summer of hate. Fully embodying the anger and frustration of the time, 999 delivered fast, hard-edged pop songs with poignant venomous relevancy that helped carve out that historical musical movement. By 1980's The Biggest Prize in Sport-often considered the band's masterpiece-999 had honed their craft to perfection, offering one of rock's greatest albums.

For fans of The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Damned and The Undertones.

* Mastered for vinyl by Masterdisk
* Faithful, updated rendering of original art printed at Stoughton Printing Co.
* Limited foil-numbered editions of 500 200-gram black vinyl and 500 150-gram opaque green vinyl manufactured for pristine sound at Quality Record Pressings
* Comes in European-style poly bag for protection and durability

A1 Hollywood
A2 Inside Out
A3 Trouble
A4 So Long
A5 Fun Thing
A6 The Biggest Prize in Sport
B1 Boys in the Gang
B2 Found Out Too Late
B3 Stranger
B4 Stop Stop
B5 English Wipe-out
B6 Boiler