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3:33 - In The Middle Of Infinity (CD)

3:33's In the Middle of Infinity is a direct continuation of the group's last album Live from the Grove. We follow 3:33 as they leave the Bohemian Grove, only to find themselves stuck in a time loop. As time continues to pass for the surrounding world, 3:33's time seemingly repeats itself in an infinite unfolding of madness and confusion. Finding themselves lost in unknown territory, the group eventually discovers the existence of what they describe as "spirals"- portals leading to different worlds within worlds, at the center of which, lies The White Room. Inhabited by two mysterious figures, this small dimly lit room implodes and expands unboundedly in every direction upon being perceived. The last track on the album, entitled The White Room, is over forty minutes in length, and the group describes it as an album within an album. In the Middle of Infinity is a transcription of 3:33's journey of escape. It is a project inspired by actual events, translated through the medium of sound.