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13th Floor Elevators - Rockius Of Levitatum [LP] (180 Gram)

2019 repress. The Austin based 13th Floor Elevators represent the quintessence of American psychedelic rock. A visionary mixture of primitive riffs and lysergic melodies played with an uncommon level of intensity. Here is a great collection of live recordings from various performances held between 1966 and 1967, the band's golden era which gave birth to their first two studio masterpieces. If you want to get an idea of the band's intense live act, don't hesitate to buy this album. 180 gram vinyl.
A1. Roller Coaster (5:19)
A2. You're Gonna Miss Me (3:12)
A3. Before You Accuse Me (2:47)
A4. Tried To Hide (3:04)
A5. Don't Fall Down (3:10)
A6. The Word (3:00)
A7. I'm Gonna Love You Too (2:14)
A8. You Don't Know (2:59)
B1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (5:48)
B2. Splash 1 (3:41)
B3. Monkey Island (2:55)
B4. Kingdom Of Heaven (3:36)
B5. Fire Engine (3:16)
B6. She Lives In A Time Of Her Own (3:25)
B7. I've Got Levitation (3:22)