Various Artists - Frida (Soundtrack) [LP] (180 Gram, 20-page booklet, download)

Following the popularity of Elliot Goldenthal’s award winning original music to Juliet Taylor’s biopic 'Frida' (2002) DG presents the first vinyl release of the motion picture soundtrack. Goldenthal’s score, with its Mexican folkloric influences, achieves a melodic intimacy not often heard in Hollywood. Pressed on 180g heavy-weight vinyl and includes a download voucher for the audio in MP3 and a download link for a 20-page booklet including photos and all sung lyrics.

1. Benediction And Dream (Side A),
2. The Floating Bed (Side A),
3. El Conejo (Side A),
4. Paloma Negra (Side A),
5. Self-Portrait With Hair Down (Side A),
6. Alcoba Azul (Side A),
7. Carabina 30/30 (Side A),
8. Solo Tu (Side A),
9. El Gusto (Side A),
10.The Journey (Side A),
11.El Antifaz (Side A),
12.The Suicide Of Dorothy Hale (Side A),
13.La Calavera (Side B),
14.La Bruja (Side B),
15.Portrait Of Lupe (Side B),
16.La Llorona (Side B),
17.Estrella Oscura (Side B),
18.Still Life (Side B),
19.Viva La Vida (Side B),
20.The Departure (Side B),
21.Coyoacan And Variations (Side B),
22.La Llorona (Side B),
23.Burning Bed (Side B),
24.Burn It Blue (Side B)