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Various Artists - Woodstock 50th: Back To The Garden Anniversary Collection [5LP Box] (42 of the finest performances recorded at the legendary festival) (Vinyl)


Between August 15-18, 1969, more than 400,000 people converged on Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in upstate New York for Woodstock. Thirty-two acts performed including some of the most popular and influential musicians of the era such as Joan Baez, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Who.

WOODSTOCK 50 - BACK TO THE GARDEN: THE ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION features 42 of the finest performances recorded at the legendary festival.

Producer Andy Zax says he, sound producer Brian Kehew and mastering engineer Dave Schultz avoided interfering with the tapes as much as possible in order to preserve their authenticity. ''It's not surprising that other producers' first reaction to these tapes over the years has been 'uh-oh,' immediately followed by 'we've gotta find a way to fix this.' I'm not unsympathetic to that approach, but if there's a single overriding lesson that Brian Kehew and I have learned since we began working with the Woodstock tapes in 2005, it's this: you can't fix them... That's less grim than it seems, because once you've accepted the idea that there is no way to make these recordings sound slick, you realize that these tapes are the sonic equivalent of heirloom tomatoes - slightly imperfect, but delicious.''

Side A
01 Handsome Johnny (2019 Mix) - By Richie Havens
02 Freedom (2019 Mix) - By Richie Havens
03 ''Everybody's ground getting comfortable?'' (2019 Mix) - By John Morris
04 Reason To Believe (2019 Mix) - By Tim Hardin
05 ''It's deadly serious, man'' (2019 Mix) - By John Morris
06 Coming Into Los Angeles (2019 Mix) - By Arlo Guthrie
07 ''Lotta freaks!'' (2019 Mix) - By Arlo Guthrie

Side B
01 Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (with Jeffrey Shurtleff) [2019 Mix] - By Joan Baez
02 ''Please come down'' (2019 Mix) - By Chip Monck
03 The ''Fish'' Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (2019 Mix) - By Country Joe McDonald
04 Jingo (2019 Mix) - By Santana
05 Soul Sacrifice (2019 Mix) - By Santana

Side C
01 ''Helen Savage, please call your father'' (2019 Mix) - By Chip Monck
02 Darling Be Home Soon (2019 Mix) - By John Sebastian
03 ''It's not poison!'' (2019 Mix) - By Wavy Gravy
04 Going Up The Country (2019 Mix) - By Canned Heat
05 On The Road Again (2019 Mix) - By Canned Heat

Side D
01 ''Country common sense'' (2019 Mix) - By Chip Monck, Country Joe McDonald, Ken Babbs
02 Dark Star (2019 Mix) - By Grateful Dead

Side E
01 ''We've got the keys to your house'' (2019 Mix) - By JOHN MORRIS
02 Bad Moon Rising (2019 Mix) - By Creedence Clearwater Revival
03 I Put a Spell On You (2019 Mix) - By Creedence Clearwater Revival
04 Kozmic Blues (2019 Mix) - By Janis Joplin
05 Piece Of My Heart (2019 Mix) - By Janis Joplin

Side F
01 Medley: Dance To The Music / Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher (2019 Mix) - By Sly & The Family Stone

Side G
01 We're Not Gonna Take It (2019 Mix) - By The Who
02 My Generation (2019 Mix) - By The Who
03 Somebody To Love (2019 Mix) - By Jefferson Airplane
04 Volunteers (2019 Mix) - By Jefferson Airplane
05 ''We must be in Heaven, man!'' (2019 Mix) - By Wavy Gravy

Side H
01 ''I think you people have proven something to the world'' (2019 Mix) - By Max Yasgur
02 With A Little Help From My Friends (2019 Mix) - By Joe Cocker
03 ''Looks like we're gonna get a little bit of rain'' (2019 Mix) - By JOHN MORRIS
04 I'm Going Home (2019 Mix) - By Ten Years After

Side I
01 The Weight (2019 Mix) - By The Band
02 Spinning Wheel (2019 Mix) - By Blood, Sweat & Tears
03 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (2019 Mix) - By Crosby, Stills & Nash
04 Sea Of Madness (2019 Mix) - By Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Side J
01 Wooden Ships (2019 Mix) - By Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
02 Love March (2019 Mix) - By The Butterfield Blues Band
03 At The Hop (2019 Mix) - By Sha Na Na
04 ''It's been a delight seeing you'' (2019 Mix) - By Chip Monck