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Little John - Clarks Booty [10''] (Desert Boot Shaped Picture Disc) (Vinyl) LP

Hold up your foot and show your Clarks Booty!
Limited edition unique Desert Boot shaped picture disc pressing of two back to back 'Clarks Booty' 80's reggae classics

Little John's ''Clarks Booty'' is the ultimate Clarks celebration and like the shoes themselves it's a tune that has never been out of style and fashion. Voiced for King Jammy over the Father Jungle Rock rhythm it's twinned for this one off pressing with Scorcher's ''Put On Me Clarks'' a lethal Roots Radics Junjo Lawes reworking of Full Up.

The recent publication of the ''Clarks In Jamaica'' book saw major press focus on this longtime Jamaican obsession with Clarks shoes, the book deservedly received large scale reviews and features in The Observer, Sunday Telegraph etc. along with positive BBC radio & TV coverage. Public and press awareness about the Clarks JA connection has never been higher and this special Record Store Day pressing is a catch it while you can release that you dare not miss out on.
Track listing:
Side A: Little John - Clarks Booty
Side B: Scorcher - Put On Me Clarks