Bleep Bloop - The Fifth Pupil (EP)

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Bleep Bloop is back with his newly revealed EP The Fifth Pupil EP on DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber label. The four-track EP is experimental Hip-Hop and bass music at it's finest and arrives in conjunction with his biggest North American tour to date. - A throwback to the classic leftfield music from revered labels like Warp, Planet Mu and Ninja Tune, but with a modern twist, the EP ignites with with the gloomy title track which sounds like a blast of machine gun bass and percussion to the body; relentless to the end. "Angry" highlights Bleep Bloop's diverse musical palette with a classic jazz percussion structure that feeds rubbery basslines into snare rolls. "Man and Machine" is proper drill n bass, the soundtrack to an automated world where machine-lead processing overtakes the human touch. The "EP" closes out with "Angry (Paint Remix)," an alternate, more aggressive take on the original. Format: EP

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. The Fifth Pupil
  2. Angry
  3. Man and Machine
  4. Angry" (Paint Remix)

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