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Atmosphere - Seven's Travels [3LP] (Vinyl)

Atmosphere's fourth official studio release, Seven's Travels, has been re-packaged and re-issued on vinyl for the first time in over 6 years. Historically speaking, this album marked where the group first saw commercial success. Originally picked up and distributed by Epitaph records, Seven's Travels saw Atmosphere's reach extend beyond the brick & mortar shops and message boards, all the way to Target store shelves and MTV2. Coincidentally, the album also saw them taking a more humorous and light-hearted look at themselves than their previous release, God Loves Ugly. Comparing the album to its predecessor, Slug was once quoted as saying ''God Loves Ugly had no silly moments, whereas most of Seven's Travels could probably be defined as silly moments.'' Between the jokes and laughs, though, it's obvious these songs still echo of homesickness from too many nights on the road. Much like the fictional Gulliver, Slug's second self, Se7en, had also been to many strange places, from which he'd found a better understanding of home. Each song plays like a separate entry in our narrator's journal, yet the album is tied together by a common thread which is the outlook he has built as a result of these adventures. Seven's Travels features some of Atmosphere's most lauded works, including ''Trying to Find a Balance'', ''Always Coming Back Home to You'', ''Reflections'', ''Cats Van Bags (feat. Brother Ali)'' and more. With bonus cuts like the popular ''Say Shh'' as well as unsung gems like ''DMFD'', this release is a must for even the most well-traveled hip-hop fan. ''Atmosphere finally made a good record. Yeah right, that sh*# almost sounds convincing.''


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 History
02 Trying To Find A Balance
03 Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know
04 Reflections

01 Gotta Lotta Walls
02 The Keys To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame
03 Apple
04 Suicidegirls

Full Length Vinyl 2

Side A Side B

01 Jason
02 Cats Van Bags
03 Los Angeles
04 Lifter Puller

01 Shoes
02 National Disgrace
03 Denvemolorado
04 Liquor Lyles Cool July

Full Length Vinyl 3

Side A Side B

01 Good Times (Sick Pimpin')
02 In My Continental
03 Always Coming Back Home To You

01 Say Shh
03 On the Battlefield
04 Quiet Pimpin'