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Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um [2LP Box] (180 Gram 45RPM Audiophile SuperVinyl UltraDisc One-Step, original masters, limited/numbered to 6000)

Mastered from the Original Master Tapes for Definitive Sound Quality

Pressed at RTI on MoFi SuperVinyl-Deluxe Collector's Set Includes Opulent Box and Foil-Stamped Jackets

Blues- and Gospel-Rooted Jazz Brilliance Sparks with Diversity, Personality, and Freedom

''Better Git It in Your Soul'' not only serves as the name of the inviting opening track of Mingus Ah Um. It epitomizes the spirit, urgency, freedom, and feel-it-in-your-bones passion of an album that is cited on practically every ''greatest'' list assembled and enjoys the rare distinction of wearing a prestigious crown in the Penguin Guide to Jazz and membership in the Grammy Hall of Fame. The vaunted 1959 record stands as an exuberant tribute to the idea (and blueprint-caliber execution) of fully realized musical frameworks serving as launching pads for expressive interactions, responses, exchanges, and improvisations. At the core, personality, character, invention, and color remain paramount.

Strictly limited to 6,000 numbered copies and pressed on MoFi SuperVinyl, Mobile Fidelity's ultra-hi-fi UltraDisc One-Step collector's edition box set makes Mingus Ah Um pop with unprecedented vibrancy, command, energy, and scale. The bassist's church-music roots spring to life in the form of blues themes, moaned vocals, spiritual motifs, and preacher-inspired riffs that register with hyperrealistic dimensionality and natural intimacy. Experienced as a seamless whole, the band enters your listening room, its intertwined assembly of notes, phrases, pauses, shapes, and solos yielding something more than music. What you hear is the formation of aura and atmosphere traditionally only associated with live concerts. As such, the collective's technical acumen lingers not only in the mind, but invigorates the senses.


Mobile Fidelity UltraDisc One-Step Process
Instead of utilizing the industry-standard threestep lacquer process, UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S) uses only one step, bypassing two processes of generational loss and thereby revealing extra musical detail and dynamics otherwise lost due to the standard copying process. Every UD1S pressing serves as an immaculate replica of the lacquer sourced directly from the original master tape.

Track List
Side One:
1. Better Git It in Your Soul
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Side Two:
1. Boogie Stop Shuffle
2. Self-Portrait in Three Colors
3. Open Letter to Duke

Side Three:
1. Bird Calls
2. Fables of Faubus

Side Four:
1. Pussy Cat Dues
2. Jelly Roll