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Jonah Mutono - GERG [LP] (gatefold)

Home is a slippery concept for Jonah Mutono. The 25-year-old London-born musician moved to Philadelphia before
returning to their native Uganda 9 years later after struggling to find a sense of belonging in the States. Blending
R&B, pop and avant-garde, GERG is a rebirth of Jonah’s music, bringing his experiences of self-discovery to light—
the good, the bad, the beautiful, the challenging, the sacred & the profane—in songs as revealing as they are

Track Listing
1.Smith Johnson Williams Brown, 2.Shoulders, 3.If You Mean It, 4.The Low, 5.Circulation, 1.Spare 2.1949,
3.South Bank, 4.I'll See You, 5.Human For A Day, 6.Epilogue