DOOM - Born Like This [2LP] (Limited Edition reissue, deluxe sleeve, download)

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Lex reissue DOOM's ''Born Like This'' by popular demand. The limited edition vinyl repress is a deluxe double LP with embossed / debossed, spot-glossed, foil-blocked sleeve.

A1 Supervillain Intro 0:55
A2 Gazzillion Ear 4:12
A3 Ballskin 1:30
A4 Yessir! (feat. Raekwon) 2:34
A5 Absolutely 2:43
A6 Rap Ambush 1:28
B1 Lightworks 1:53
B2 Batty Boyz 3:16
B3 Angelz (feat. Tony Starks and Raekwon) 3:06
C1 Cellz 4:21
C2 Still Dope (feat. Impress Stahhr Tha Femcee) 2:40
C3 Microwave Mayo 2:26
D1 More Rhymin' 1:39
D2 That's That 2:15
D3 Supervillainz (feat. Kurious, Mobonix, Slug) 2:49
D4 Bumpy's Message (feat. Bumpy Knuckles) 1:36
D5 Thank Yah 1:15