Stasis - Circuit Funk (12")

Growing up as a teenager in East London, break-dancing and writing graffiti with B12'sMike Golding, Steve Pickton's AKA Stais musical education moved along a familiarpath, from hip-hop to Electro and onto Techno. Schooling himself in music theory andpurchasing a sampler Pickton set about making his own music.Releasing on a whose who of seminal UK electronic labels including A.R.T., Likemind,Otherworld and B12 under various pseudonyms Pickton's UK take on lush Detroitmelodies fused techno, funk, hip-hop, dub, blues and jazz into a dense concoction all ofhis own making.Re-issued for the first time since its initial release in 1993 Circuit Funk Pickton's debutrelease on Peacefrog is packed full of lush Detroit melodics and future funk that still soundsunique and fresh today.
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