Sir Froderick - The Brief Wondrous (LP)

Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 2016 release. "This soundtrack is a story about a nomad that got a lil money... been playing the backseat all his life... traveling with just a guitar and a pack of smokes taking heavy inhales of lah on stressful times thinking about his past... but looking forward to the future. He is on the road to return to greatness with new friends and family slowly claiming his space and gaining his swagger back only to end in tragedy?" - Sir Froderic.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Thingsido08'
  2. Megitar PT3
  3. Inhale (Feat. Morpheground)
  4. Nine (Feat. Vinny Radio)
  5. Returnofthedoodoomaster94
  6. Makeafamily (Feat. Timewharp)
  7. Spaceroxearthswag (Feat. Swarvy)
  8. Salt & Oil
  9. Cilantro (Feat. MNDSGN) *Vinyl Only
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