Mux Mool - Implied Lines (CD)

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2017 release. After popular releases with Ghostly International, (2010's Skulltaste and 2012's Planet High School), and a handful of EPs and singles, Mux released Implied Lines in 2016 independently on Bandcamp. It's popularity grew organically on that platform and has quickly become a fan favorite. In 2017, Implied Lines is getting an overhaul and proper release with Detroit label Young Heavy Souls. The YHS Edition of Implied Lines features two brand new tracks ("Starfighter Courage" and "THE IRS").

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Sympathy
  2. Monday
  3. Eyebrow Dandruff
  4. Six Am
  5. Never Go Home
  6. Fifteen Tons
  7. The Irs
  8. Starfighter Courage
  9. Sing Heal All
  10. Love Song

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