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Mollono.bass - Woods, Tales & Friends [2LP]

Double LP version. Just like the drops of a summer rain turn the sunlight into an arched display of colors, the tracks on the new Mollono.Bass album give expression to the three primary colors of his soul. When you hear the voices of I Am Halo and Kuoko, the instruments of jPattersson, Marc Vogler, and other musicians, and deep down even a late night conversation - you are listening to the frequencies of friendship. When you dance through the cavernous convolutions and sunlit glades of his soundscapes -- you encounter a passionate love for the woods turned into groove. When you immerse in the percussive rhythms and flowing melodies -- you feel ourselves as characters in epic tales. Woods, Tales & Friends is a collection of anecdotes from these last years, and it reminds you vividly how versatile the musical talent of Mollono.Bass is. That's why it sounds just as beautiful on headphones or on the balcony as it does on a big sound system. Also features Joerg Schwenzer.
01. Twilight (feat. I Am Halo)
02. The Story Of The Sad Clown
03. The Oracle
04. No Silence (feat. Kuoko)
05. Wild River
06. Furaha Ya Kucheza
07. Flamingobouletten (feat. Marc Vogler)
08. Dia En El Mar (feat. jPattersson & Joerg Schwenzer)
09. Your Smile
10. The Glade
11. Visions Of A Better World
12. My Way (feat. I Am Halo)