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Minais B - Quiet Bloom [LP]

Quiet Bloom is the second full-length album by Copenhagen composer Minais B. Quiet Bloom describes the return to life after losing a loved one. As a treatment for his grief, Minais B explores the solemnness of spiritual music, rituals and ceremonial togetherness. The album takes you in and out of the multi-colored feelings embedded in the process of grieving; threads of sadness, emptiness, crisis, but also lighter playful and even joyful passages dominate the album. The latter take form as alert and sometimes ecstatic arpeggios, as on the opening track ''Where We Meet'' and later on ''Spirit of Miiyo''; tracks that create sonic spaces for celebrations beyond bodily life. The solemnness of the organ is a recurring element, and as the organ breathes, it transforms from virtual Hammond organs to digital synths and again into real church organs like on the albums two ''Intermezzos''. This exchange between members of the organ family; from the ''father of synths'', from ''real'' to ''fake'' is equal and respectful, as is the treatment of the different phases of grief and gradual return to the surface that Quiet Bloom represents. Love ends up being the successor of emotions, making Quiet Bloom an inspiring journey through the apparent conflicts of the heart and mind -- showing a way of using loss to create something new -- giving the world something back.
01. Where We Meet
02. Weaver
03. Intermezzo 1
04. Ceremony
05. Spirit Of Miiyo
06. Little Sun
07. Intermezzo 2
08. Magnolia