Kuzich - Dawn Chorus (EP)

Twelve inch vinyl LP pressing. 2018 EP. It represents the appreciation for the people/ideas/places that inspire us and push us forward. As a label, we are proud to present a series of musical releases that showcase the artists musical and visual endeavors. The artwork is shot by the artist themselves and each release has an accompanying photo zine that acts as a visual story that compliments the music they wrote at that time. It was only fitting to have Ta-ku's friend/ collaborator and band member, Kuzich to start this series off. Ta-Ku: Kuzich is a multi-faceted, multi-talented multi-vitamin. Equal parts down to earth and otherworldly. Having spent years traversing the earth, making sonic accompaniments for untold tales, his dusty backlog is finally being excavated from the basement. Dawn Chorus chronicles the absurdity and beauty of the everyday. Take a minute... With Kuzich first official release, we get a taste of his unique versatility and multi-instrumentalism in every track. The Perth (AUS) born musician is no stranger to the music industry - having toured extensively as a drummer with acts like Tame Impala, Ta-ku, Drapht, The Growl, Cameron Avery and many more. In between tours he has always been known to float and explore corners of the earth that lead him to meeting colorful personalties and creating soulful eclectic music. He's always hoarded his own music - which has lead to layers and layers of passion, perspectives and percussion. The 12" vinyl version comes with a visual zine - all of which photos are taken exclusively by Kuzich on film with his Ricoh GR1s point and shoot camera. The cover art was also shot by Kuzich on film at Mt Rinjani, Indonesia.
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