Fool's Gold Presents: Night Shift (CD)

2015 release. FG's near-decade of genre smashing good vibes can be directly traced back to the high spirits of label co-founder Nick Catchdubs. Hailed as "one of the US's premiere party DJs" by FACT Magazine and a "Mr Do It All" by XXL, Nick has been pulling double duty as a nightclub and festival mainstay while helming Fool's Gold with partner in crime A-Trak. Now Catchdini makes a bold leap forward as a producer with his debut album. Smoke Machine is a blast of hyperkinetic beats and nitrous oxide raps. Alternate universe hip-hop superheroes riff on club hookups and pop culture WTFs: Liz Claiborne, Daria, spinning G-Unit chains, Jay-Z's MoMa installation.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Smoke Theme
  2. Full House Feat. Troy Ave & Heems
  3. Chromed Out Feat. Nasty Nigel, Prince Samo & Cody B Ware [Co-Prod. Proper Villains]
  4. Tick Tick Bounce
  5. Bizness Feat. Iamsu! & Jay Ant
  6. Drop Feat. Showyousuck [Co-Prod. Proper Villains]
  7. Hell Yeah
  8. D.T.B
  9. Wuts That Feat. B.I.C
  10. Lose Control Feat. Roach Gigz [Co-Prod. 2Beeps]
  11. Heartbeat Jeep Feat. Go Dreamer & Mach Five
  12. Run Feat. MNDR
  13. Full House Feat. Troy Ave & Heems (Buku Remix)
  14. Drop Feat. Showyousuck (Slowbody Remix)
  15. Run Feat. MNDR (Udachi Remix)
  16. Bizness Feat. Iamsu! & Jay Ant (Astronomar Remix
  17. Wuts That Feat. B.I.C. (Kraymer Remix)
  18. Bizness Feat. Iamsu! & Jay Ant (Etc!Etc! Remix)