Daedelus - Of Snowdonia & Something Bells (2XLP - Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

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Limited double green vinyl LP pressing. Formative album from Daedelus, 2003's Of Snowdonia (never before issued on vinyl) is Los Angeles' Beat Scene just burgeoning, with accompanying Something Bells EP bundled into double vinyl. Additions from an early Busdriver, edIT, Omid, Abstract Rude, among others. The whole LP based around a childhood trip to Wales, is skittering beats, plucked guitar strings, and remnant R&B... all still resonate!

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Snowed in
  2. A Sneaking Suspicion
  3. Aim True
  4. Taking Wing
  5. Shinkansen
  6. Scaling Snowdon
  7. Telling Meaning
  8. Something Bells
  9. Dumbfound
  10. Pocket Watch Pulse
  11. Overdressed
  12. Was Waiting
  13. Hiraethus
  14. Something Bells Featuring Ft. Busdriver & Pigeon John
  15. Dumbfound Edit Remix
  16. Was Waiting Ft. Busdriver
  17. Something Bells Omid Remix

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