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Sanford Clark - They Call Me Country [LP] (Vinyl)

Propelled by his 1956 Lee Hazlewood- produced hit ''The Fool,'' Sanford Clark was already a rockabilly legend in his own right by the time he swapped his hair gel and switchblade for a pair of cowboy boots on They Call Me Country. Recorded between 1965-67 and originally released as a series of singles for Phoenix's Ramco label, the 12 tracks on this LP borrow Bakersfield's outlaw sound and ignore Nashville's countrypolitan flair, standing as a true lost masterpiece of country music's third generation. Clark's booming baritone tells tales of bar fights, heartaches, and drinking til you can't stand, while Waylon Jennings provides a backdrop of fuzzed out guitar twang. Mastered from the original session tapes and back on vinyl for the first time since the Nixon administration. - 1. The Fool 2. Shades 3. They Call Me Country 4. Climbin' The Walls 5. Step Aside 6. Once Upon A Time 7. It's Nothing To Me 8. Look Out Floor 9. The Big Lie 10. Callin' All Hearts 11. Big Big Day Tomorrow 12. Black Jack County Chain