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Charles Hill Jr - Old Loves And Old Memories [LP]

Country music and alcohol have often gone hand-in-hand. With Old Loves and Old Memories, Charles learns to separate the two, shining a light on his own path toward redemption and self-forgiveness along the way. The record isn't just a musical retelling of his own journey; it's a triumph-over-tragedy concept record, too, filled with songs that could serve as lifeboats for anyone struggling to better themselves. Most of all, it's an album about survival. Charles Hill Jr has weathered the ups and downs of years lived on the edge... and these days, he's looking forward to making new memories.

Blue Ridge Mountain Moon
Old Loves & Old Memories
Steel Rail Blues
Little Buddy
Overcome By Love Lost
Empty Walls
Time Starin'
Paper Bag Blues
Too Far Gone
In A Whirlwind