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Vikingur Olafsson - Reflections [2LP]

Staggered in various EP releases, Reflections is the brand new reworks project from acclaimed pianist Vikingur
Olafsson. Reflections features unreleased originals such as Debussy's Pour le Piano, Bruyeres and Canope from
Debussy's Preludes cycle, as well as re-interpretations by artists such as Hania Rani, Balmorhea, Hugar, Helgi

Track Listing
1.5. Bruyeres, 2.La damoiselle elue, 3.10. Canope, 4.Footsteps, 1.Muse d'eau, 2.L'entretien des muses,
3.K.A.H.D., 4.Reflection 1.1. Prelude, 2.2. Sarabande, 3.3. Toccata, 4.Drowned Haiku, 1.10. Canope, 2.La Cupis,
3.5. Bruyeres