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Trevor Horn - Reflection, The: Wave One-Original Sound Track [CD]

Last year Japanese public broadcaster NHK aired the animated superhero series 'The Reflection'. The legendary English musician/producer Trevor Horn serves as music producer for the anime. The story of 'The Reflection' is set in a world where a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon known as ''The Reflection'' killed many people all around the world while causing the survivors to spontaneously develop superhuman abilities. Some people become heroes, others become villains...

While achieving great success as a member of The Buggles, Yes, and Art of Noise, Trevor Horn also worked as producer for many popular musicians, such as Paul McCartney, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tom Jones, Cher, Grace Jones, Seal, Tina Turner, Lisa Stansfield, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, and Mike Oldfield.

1. Sky Show

2. Battle Begins

3. Reflection

4. Hear Them Come

5. In Chaos and Confusion

6. From On High

7. My Daily Life

8. Reflected

9. Peace in Blue

10. In a World of Unreason

11. I Am Alone with Sadness

12. Loneliness and Solitude (Dialogue Ver.)

13. Main Theme

14. Hear Them Come (Again)

15. Left in a Bleak and Desolate Land

16. The Transition

17. From Battle to Flight

18. The Future of Happiness

19. Greater Expectations

20. Reflection (Reprise)

21. SunSunSunrise (TV Edit)

22. Sky Show (''Bel Air'' Reflected & Extended Mix)

23. Future Boyfriends

24. Sky Show (Unplugged)