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Emma Swift- Blonde On The Tracks [CD] (digipak)

Robyn Hitchcock and Wilco's Patrick Sansone guest on this nifty collection of Dylan covers, including a quick-on-the-draw 'I Contain Multitudes'.'' -Uncut Magazine

''There's a Byrdsian chime here, a Carnaby Street lilt there, and? pedal steel swoons bolstering Emma's seemingly effortless vocals. Swift, like Dylan himself, contains multitudes. -Jody Denberg, KUTX Austin

An Emma Swift performance can bring you to the edge of tears, because her voice is both heartbreaking and heartbroken all at once. It takes a lot of resilience to be so vulnerable. She brings this strength and beauty to her upcoming album ''Blonde On The Tracks'',ќ a collection of her interpretations of Bob Dylan songs.''ќ-Gina Frary Bacon, WFMU New York

''Australian singer-songwriter Emma Swift has recorded an album of Dylan covers titled ''Blonde on the Tracks'' which is set for release in August. And the first track she opted to release was not a familiar classic but a stunningly warm, heartfelt version of ''I Contain Multitudes.''ќ She serves it up as a hypnotic, melodic hymn, very reminiscent in style of vintage Gillian Welch, resulting in something exceptionally beautiful.'' -Hope Silverman, Cover Me Songs

1. Queen Jane Approximately
2. I Contain Multitudes
3. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)
4. Simple Twist of Fate
5. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
6. The Man In Me
7. Going Going Gone
8. You're A Big Girl Now