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Dead Or Alive - Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know [CD] (import)

Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know' is the third studio album by Pete Burns' HI-NRG band Dead Or Alive and
is packed with hits. Continuing their association with the Stock Aitken Waterman production team, Dead or
Alive scored several hit singles from this album, including ''Brand New Lover'', ''Something In My House'',
''Hooked On Love'', ''Son Of A Gun'' and ''I'll Save You All My Kisses''. Besides the hits this album is filled with
non-stop high-energy tracks which are positively brilliant. This album was an extremely strong follow-up to
'Youthquake' and managed to stand on its own and prove that Dead Or Alive was not a one hit wonder. Pete
Burns (1959-2016) was an icon to the HI-NRG era.

1. Brand New Lover
2. I'll Save You All My Kisses
3. Son Of A Gun
4. Then There Was You
5. Come Inside
6. Something In My House
7. Hooked On Love
8. I Want You
9. Special Star