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Pylon - Pylon Box [4LP] (140 Gram, autographed box set, 200 page hardbound book, marketing sticker) (Vinyl)

New West Records is proud to present Pylon Box ' A comprehensive look at the band that features their studio LPs Gyrate and Chomp, both of which have been remastered from their original tapes, the 11-song collection Extra which includes rarities and 5 previously unreleased studio & live recordings, as well as Razz Tape, Pylon's first-ever recording: a 13-song unreleased session that pre-dates the band's seminal ''Cool'' b/w ''Dub'' debut. Pylon Box also Includes a hardbound, 200 page full color book featuring pieces written by the members of R.E.M., Gang of Four, Steve Albini, Corin Tucker & Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, Interpol, B-52's, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter, Mission of Burma, Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening & K Records, Anthony DeCurtis, Chris Stamey of the dB's, Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate and many more.
Gyrate: SIDE A Volume Feast On My Heart Precaution Weather Radio The Human Body Read A Book SIDE 2 Driving School Gravity Danger Working Is No Problem Stop It Chomp: SIDE A: K Yo-Yo Beep Italian Movie Theme Crazy M-Train SIDE B: Buzz No Clocks Reptiles Spider Gyrate Altitude Extra: SIDE A 1 Untitled (2:18) 2 Cool (3:18) 3 Dub (4:39) 4 Recent Title (2:24) 5 Danger!! (Danger Remix) (5:35) SIDE B 1 Crazy (Single Mix) (3:12) 2 Reptiles (Channel One Version) (3:30) 3 No Clocks (Channel One Version) (2:46) 4 Spider (Alternative Mix) (3:49) 5 3 x 3 (Live) (2:17) 6 Danger III (Live) (4:29) Razz Tape: SIDE A A1 The Human Body (3:06) A2 Modern Day Fashion Woman (version 1) (3:01) A3 Read A Book (instrumental) (1:46) A4 Working is No Problem (3:08) A5 Precaution (2:08) A6 Cool (3:00) A7 Functionality (4:29) SIDE B B1 Efficiency (2:19) B2 Information (2:42) B3 Dub (4:39) B4 Modern Day Fashion Woman (version 2) (3:49) B5 Danger (4:45) B6 Feast On My Heart (4:16)