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February 27, 2018 4 min read

Record store in Los Angeles

There really isn't anything such as walking down the aisles of your favourite record store in Los angeles, discovering new artists or finding the latest release of your favorite band. While the corporate world has been taking over by large scale retailers, there are still a handful of great record retailers all over Los Angeles where you can spend a rainy afternoon and blow-off your last paycheck.


The following explained below are some of the best record stores you can find in Los Angeles;

  • Amoeba music

Amoeba Music is a one stop shop for Los Angeles music lovers. This independent department-like store has a constant influx of new CDs, vinyl, audio cassettes, and posters for their customers to choose from. While shopping can be overwhelming at times (you could probably spend a month in here and still not see everything), Amoeba has become a Los Angeles staple for a reason. The store has a fast-paced, animated feel to it with endless aisles for customers to explore, including an upstairs level dedicated only to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Be weary of how quickly things add up here. The prices are definitely not as cheap as some budget music stores you can find elsewhere in Los Angeles. But if you are looking for some cheap records or CDs, be sure to check out the store's clearance aisles. Amoeba has an entire aisle dedicated to $1 records. The independent store has gained recognition from its customers to well known magazines such as the Rolling Stone for its high regard for music as well as its involvement in community programs. And for the cherry on top, shipping is always free for online orders.

Amoeba Music in Los Angeles is located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. When the LA location opened in 2001 it became one of the largest independent music stores in the world. The Amoeba Music brand has made an exceptional name for itself with its underground hipster-esque vibe and its recognizable “Buy, Sell, Trade” motto. Even with the birth of the MP3 era, Amoeba Music continues to be one of the largest companies to sell CDs and original vinyl records. Amoeba Music also sells music posters, artwork, video-games and Amoeba merchandise.

Amoeba Music stores are known for holding live performances by local and nationally known artists. These live shows at Amoeba are free to the public and include artists such as Matisyahu and Fatlip.

  • The record parlour

The Record Parlour is an eclectic and fun mecca of music in the heart of Hollywood, but unlike its neighbor Amoeba, this music store has a relatively relaxed atmosphere. He sells records of all genres, from world music to rock and everything in between. The focus is on used vinyl CDs, classic posters and vintage music equipment.

The record palour–a vintage vinyl shop and lifestyle store is–a unique place where artists and fans connect. This record store provides a one-of-a-kind environment with an authentic vibe: as artists perform live, they’re surrounded by over 50,000 vinyl records, vintage stereo gear and music memorabilia. The record store is owned and operated by founder Chris Honetschlaeger and manager/partner Chadwick Hemus. With Chris’ background in vintage equipment and Chadwick’s pedigree as a vinyl curator for Amoeba (Hollywood), sound and quality reign overall in performances and selection. They host performances and showcases with proper staging, an incredible sound system and HD video projection for music video premieres. By having only one artist perform per night, THE RECORD PARLOUR creates real connections giving artists time to hang out, visit with their fans and sell their music. This past month, the record palour added a third layer and equipped their control room with an Analog Record Lathe to capture and “cut” a band’s Live Performance to vinyl onsite to be distributed at a later date. Literally artists can come down and play, cut a record on the disc turning machine, play it to their fans that day and sell their records. They also show the full vinyl experience in terms of purchase, performance and production. Its vintage equipment (jukeboxes, amplifiers, microphones, turntables and speakers of the 70s) are refurbished in perfect condition with its collection of vinyls, which focuses on the original versions compared to the new versions.

  • Permanent records

This is one of those stores that you need to get out of your way to get to. Permanent Records opened in Los Angeles in June 2011. Permanent Records hosts a variety of pop, post-punk, rock'n'roll and hip-hop music from many older and newer artists. PR contains only records and CDs, of which about 2/3 are the collection of records. The vast majority of plates are used, rock and cheap. Upon entering, the “New Arrivals” section is impossible to miss and is generally the only section worth looking through to find anything of value.  Surrounding the new arrivals are rows and crates filled with cheap vinyl, as low as $1 and 3 for $2.25.  Deeper into the store are other used records (still cheap, still mostly classic rock), including 45’s and 12″ singles, and way in the back are new releases. Overall the selection is weak but if you’re just starting out and want to find some basics, or are the kind of person who finds gems in the deep discount racks, Permanent Records might be for you.

Permanent Records is a run of the mill neighborhood record store in Los Angeles. Live in the neighborhood? You’ll be happy there’s a convenient place to get new releases or something on record store day that’s staffed by friendly people. Permanent is purposefully designed for the scavenger of obscure vinyl, new and old, who is digging for the recent Fuzz LP, or previously unreleased Chrome records, or even some Chicago synth that never really made it out of Chicago.