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December 23, 2017 2 min read

Hey guys! Do you like violence? Or nails in your eyelids!?

It's the holiday season and Eminem gave us a lump of coal, his new album Revival… 

 Eminem I have a few questions for you! Why 19 songs!? Why does it sound like pop? What are you doing?  


What can I say about Revival. It's just okay… There are a few songs that stand out. When I mean few songs I only mean three. 

The first song titled ‘Believe’ showcases Eminem's freestyle capabilities with a more mature 2018 twist.  This song takes Eminem back to his struggles as a young hungry artist living in poverty. Who doesn’t like a sad, struggling, hungry for success song!?

The second song titled ‘Castle’… Wow! This song is a letter to his daughter Hailie. He poetically wrote a letter to his daughter growing up with the struggle of having a father who battled with depression, drug abuse, and alcoholism. The song “Castle” sums up how Eminem built his empire for his daughter but ended up chaining them within a cold living situation. Brilliant!     

The third song titled ‘Offended’. It's either Eminem wrote the song years prior to this album or he felt the groove and then lost it while being creative for the rest of the album. 

 The song is classic Eminem with chainsaws knives and dismemberment. I know it sounds horrible to say but Eminem please bring this back this is who you are!

Unfortunately, I struggled to listen to the rest of the album. It feels like pop radio. It seems like he is struggling to make kick ass songs like he has done on previous albums. 

You still have a fan and no my name is not Stan!

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