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August 09, 2018 2 min read


If you haven't heard of them, you're likely to know them in the coming months due to their explosive success in the music industry. Brockhampton, is the 14 member music group seeking to bring new meaning to the term “All American boyband”. The group hails from San Marcos Texas and was formed in 2015 under the creative direction of group member Ian Simpson also known as “Kevin Abstract”. Group members Matt Champion, Joba, and former member Ameer Van attended high school together and found a support system through each other as they were all deeply interested in music. Other members in the group including Merlyn Wood, Dom Mclennon, and “Bearface" found each other on an online forum titled “KanyeToThe” (A Kanye West fan page). 


The group’s 14 members consist of a vocalist, musicians, producers, and even graphic designers making Brockhampton a fully functional independent music group. The group produced music under their own independent label “Question Everything” for 3 years until recently signing with RCA records in April 2018. Over a span of 3 years, Brockhampton has produced 4 albums including: ALL-AMERICAN TRASH, Saturation I, Saturation II, and Saturation III and have announced the soon to be released album “Puppy” said to drop this summer.

As Brockhampton gains success in the industry they maintain a strong message they want to deliver to fans. The boys actively seek to make music that speaks on real life issues as seen in songs like “JUNKY” and “TEAM” where topics like sexual identity and racism are made evident. Unlike many other popular rap groups in the industry, Brockhampton makes music that is transparent and produced from a place of vulnerability. Frontman Kevin Abstract expresses his struggles with sexuality throughout the Saturation Trilogy. Member Merlyn Wood often raps about his experience with racism and speaks on his past struggles with feeling alienated due to the color of his skin. Member Joba shares with us his past struggles and current issues surrounding mental illness and drug use. Member Matt Champion tells the story of his past experiences with domestic violence. All these stories combined are expressed with the intent to connect with fans on a level deeper than most “boy bands”.

Brockhampton seeks to make music that lets people know they are not alone. The group has reminded us for the last 3 years of their career that it’s ok to be unique and that you should always embrace your struggles because they make you who you are.


While the members of Brockhampton produce music that deals with very real and very serious issues, they also make upbeat, groovy hits that have their fans begging for more. With hits like “GOLD” and “BOOGIE” Brockhampton’s music is diverse enough for every kind of listener. For those looking for something slower and more heartfelt Brockhampton’s hits “RENTAL” and, “SUMMER” will have you in your feelings. If you haven't already, make sure to check out Brockhampton’s music using Urban Vinyl headphones. Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite song is.